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professional valet trash and waste hauling

Let us provide a higher standard for doorside collection of trash and recycling in your community

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With everything else you have to handle in your home, it's easy to let your yard areas go unattended.
Banthany Disposal Services can help you with that.

Valet Trash

Waste Hauling

Yard Debris


It is waste management revolutionized. It is the convenience of door-to-door waste and recycling service for multi-family properties including apartment communities, condominiums, student housing, and senior living communities. Such property amenities add benefits for your residents and provide your communities with a highly rated anemity for your residents to enjoy from day one of service.

Clean Neighborhood


Trash valet is an amenity that is growing across the country. Offering this service to your tenants is a great feature that generates revenue for your property. The comfort of having your community trash professionally hauled is a luxury in itself. There are days when the tenants don't feel like taking their trash out, whether it's due to exhaustion or weather. Banthany Disposal Services can alleviate that stress. Having a trash valet company is also great for rodent and stray problems by having the trash properly placed inside the bins and either hauled away off-site or properly disposed of in commercial containers to avoid overruning.

When it comes to ensuring the comfortability and safety of the community, a major focal point that residents consider when choosing to make your apartment complex their home is the area's crime statistics. It is proven that the commitment to the external upkeep of a property significantly reduces crime and safety hazards. Well kept properties make the tenants love where they live and give them the incentive to want to keep their places nicer.

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The staff at Banthany Disposal Services are highly qualified to perform the duties of valet trash and debris hauling. All employees are OSHA certified and professionally trained and knowledgeable to do their jobs thouroughly and safely.


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