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One doorstep at a time


Prospective commercial properties wishing to contract with Banthany Disposal Services, LLC can be stand-alone businesses that currently provide commercial trash dumpsters on their community grounds but are looking to upgrade the manner in which they provide trash amenities to their apartment complexes.

With a specialization in servicing larger apartment complexes, under a Banthany Disposal Services contract there will be a certified and background checked trash valet worker, a logo branded trash bin for individual units to place at their door for pick up, and the relief of daily trash hauling to better serve your residents.

Banthany Disposal Service's team will arrive on-site and collect trash from door side of each tenant in the apartment complex. The service will be provided 3 selected evenings per week. The collection process will be contactless. The tenants won't ever have to speak with or come in contact with Banthany Disposal Services' employees. All employees are required to wear logo branded uniforms and work badges while working for the safety and assurance of the tenants.

Banthany Disposal Services, LLC also provides these services to residencial properties such as single family homes or townhomes that are being renovated or need items hauled away. This service would have to be scheduled. A recurring collection can be arranged.


At Banthany Disposal Services, LLC, we specialize in almost all types of yard debris, including:

Branches • Clippings • Stumps • Soil • Sod

Landscaping Debris
 • Fencing • Firewood

Lumber • Old Timber • Plasterboard • Frames

Windows • Shingles  • Corrugated Iron

Minimize the burden of community upkeep. Partner with Banthany Disposal Services and we take care of it all.

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